PVP-BillyZFilms and television programs filmed in Illinois such as “The Dark Knight,” “Barbershop” and “Chicago Fire” have put the state on the world’s stage. State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago 5th) aims to keep Illinois in the spotlight with a plan to expand the state’s film production tax credit.

The senator was joined in Executive Committee today by actor Billy Zane and producer Bob Teitel. Zane, known for his roles in “Titanic” and “The Phantom,” and Teitel, producer of “Barbershop,” were in the Capitol to support Senate Bill 1816. Both Illinois natives testified in committee today.

“I have been fortunate to shoot several films in Illinois, and I want to continue to do more films here,” Teitel said. “This bill will help make that possible.”

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VanPeltAtRiskSenator Patricia Van Pelt’s legislation allowing Cook County communities to participate in the Redeploy Illinois program passed through the Senate today.

Redeploy Illinois is designed to provide services to youth who are at high risk of being imprisoned. To use this program, a county enters into an agreement with the Department of Human Services (DHS) to reduce juvenile incarceration by 25 percent. The county then receives funds to use for community based services and treatments. Services include substance abuse and mental health treatment, therapy, education and employment assistance.

Currently the program is only available on a countywide scale. House Bill 2401 allows smaller geographic areas to participate without requiring the whole of Cook County to meet the 25 percent reduction goal. This opens the program to specific police districts, municipal districts and other well-defined geographic areas. 

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VanPelt SB2404Senator Patricia Van Pelt voted today in favor of Senate Bill 2404, the union backed pension plan that passed through the Senate. Sen. Van Pelt released the following statement:

“I voted for this plan because it is negotiated legislation, and I applaud Senate President Cullerton, Senator Linda Holmes and the unions for coming together to make this a reality. I fully support this bill because it was negotiated and is more fair to employees than other plans presented.

“It is important that we get the state’s finances in order, but we are talking about people’s livelihoods. This plan will save the state billions of dollars and will also protect the pensions of hardworking employees.”

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VanPelt-GangWitnessSenator Patricia Van Pelt’s plan to help victims and witnesses of gang crime passed a key Senate committee earlier today.

The legislation, House Bill 1139, establishes the Gang Crime Witness Protection Program Fund, which will assist victims and witnesses who are actively aiding in the prosecution of gang members. The funds may be used to help pay temporary living costs, moving expenses, rent and other expenses of relocation. 

“We need to keep our neighborhoods safe and stop gang violence,” said Van Pelt. “Part of the solution to this problem is making sure witnesses can testify without fear of retribution.”

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