VanPelt-5-31-13State Senator Patricia Van Pelt’s tax credit for businesses hiring ex-offenders passed out of the General Assembly today with bipartisan support. This legislation, SB 1659, will expand the maximum tax credit for businesses who hire qualified ex-offenders from $600 to $1,500.

“This legislation will offer an increased incentive for businesses to assist in the reintegration of ex-offenders into the community,” Van Pelt said. “This policy will ensure employment opportunities for all residents of Illinois and will help us rehabilitate ex-offenders.”

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VanPelt-SB1Senator Patricia Van Pelt voted against Senate Bill 1 today. The pension plan failed by a vote of 16-42, Van Pelt released the following statement:

“There are no easy answers to a problem as large as the Illinois pension problem. We voted for fair, negotiated legislation earlier this month when the Senate passed Senate Bill 2404. We are talking about the livelihoods and pension futures of hardworking employees, and the drastic, non-negotiated cuts proposed in Senate Bill 1 are unacceptable.

“This proposed legislation violates the Illinois Constitution and could very well end up struck by the Illinois Supreme Court. In that case, this plan would save the state no money and we would be right back where we started. We already passed a fair, constitutional plan out of the Senate and that plan should be called for a vote in the House. ”

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VanPelt-FilmTaxApprovedRecently, Illinois has been featured in films and television programs such as “The Dark Knight,” “Barbershop,” and “Chicago Fire.” State Senator Patricia Van Pelt’s (D-Chicago 5th) plan to expand the state’s film tax credit to keep Illinois on film passed the Senate today with bipartisan support.

Last week, the senator was joined in Executive Committee by actor Billy Zane and producer Bob Teitel. Zane, a Chicago native known for his roles in “Titanic” and “The Phantom,” and Teitel, producer of “Barbershop,” were in the Capitol to support Senate Bill 1816.

“This bill is about Illinois jobs and competitiveness. This bill is about labor,” Zane said. “It benefits film producers and actors, but it also creates many blue-collar jobs. This will stop the drain of talent from Illinois to the coasts, keeping actors in Illinois to raise their families.”

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VanPelt-FilmTaxSenator Patricia Van Pelt’s plan to help victims and witnesses of gang crime passed through the Senate on Thursday.

The legislation, House Bill 1139, establishes the Gang Crime Witness Protection Program Fund, which will assist victims and witnesses who are actively aiding in the prosecution of gang members. Funds may be used to help pay temporary living costs, moving expenses, rent and other expenses of relocation. 

“This legislation will empower people who might be afraid to testify against gang members,” said Van Pelt. “This fund will encourage witnesses to come forward and stop the gang crime that is rampant in our community.”

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