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SPRINGFIELD –Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago) offered her congratulations as the Illinois Senate elected Senator Don Harmon (D-Chicago) the next Senate President today.


“Congratulations, Don! I am so excited to be working with someone with a strong history of advocating for voters’ rights,” Van Pelt said.


In addition to voters’ rights, Harmon is also a champion for education, ethics reform, ending gun violence and protecting civil rights.


“I am confident that Don is going to do well,” Van Pelt said. “He is an experienced senator with a passion for human rights.”


Harmon will be off to a busy start, as legislative session begins next week.


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SPRINGFIELD – Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D – Chicago) is calling for further action regarding an apparent rape cover-up revealed earlier today by a WBEZ article.

“The cover-up of such an egregious act is simply inexcusable. Everyone involved in mishandling this injustice should be held accountable. If you know anything about this, it is your duty to report it,” Van Pelt said.

The email was from 2012. There is no statute of limitations for charges of sexual assault in Illinois.

“Too often women don’t come forward because the appropriate actions are never taken. We should fight to make sure that doesn’t happen here. I urge anyone with information to come forward,” Van Pelt said.

If you have information please contact:

Champaign County State’s Attorney, 217-384-3733

Illinois State Police, 217-786-7107

Illinois Executive Inspector General, 217-558-5600 or 312-814-5600.


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“I want them to know that if they can dream it, they can do it.”

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To inspire young people to follow their dreams, Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D- Chicago) will be touring several schools on Chicago’s West Side this winter to promote goal planning for elementary and high school students.

“It is important to teach our young people about the importance of having ambition, and instill in them the confidence needed to realize their dreams,” Van Pelt said. “My team and I have been researching this extensively, and we found that only 3 percent of people take steps to outline and articulate their long-term goals.”

This year’s tour kicked off last week at Daniel Webster Elementary. Van Pelt spoke with students about her own journey to becoming an elected official. Raised in the Cabrini-Green projects, she said she never dreamt of becoming the woman she is today.

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 Senator Van Pelt Inspired by the story of Elisha Brittman, State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago) is sponsoring the Unidentified Patient Act, also known as The Elisha Brittman Law. Brittman – the victim of a brutal beating – was taken off life support earlier this year. Even more tragic: the family that made the decision wasn’t even his, because the hospital misidentified Mr. Brittman.

Brittman had been beaten so badly that the hospital was unable to identify him properly using photographs. It did not use fingerprints or DNA, which would have ensured a correct identification. Both Brittman’s mistaken family as well as his real one are filing a lawsuit.

“No family should have to go through this kind of trauma,” Van Pelt said. “One family was looking for their loved one, while the other was taxed with the decision to end his suffering. This entire situation was entirely avoidable.”

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